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Antique Fish collection with 16 products
Antique Fish 16 products    
Chargers collection with 13 products
Chargers 13 products 6  
Estee collection with 1 products
Estee 1 product 1  
Giftware collection with 22 products
Giftware 22 products 3  
Green Leaf collection with 12 products
Green Leaf 12 products 5  
Ivy collection with 4 products
Ivy 4 products 2  
Ivy Garland collection with 18 products
Ivy Garland 18 products 3  
Magnolia collection with 3 products
Magnolia 3 products 3  
Midsummer collection with 5 products
Midsummer 5 products    
Mimosa collection with 5 products
Mimosa 5 products 2  
Orchids collection with 12 products
Orchids 12 products    
Redoute collection with 6 products
Redoute 6 products 2  
Thistle collection with 5 products
Thistle 5 products    
Twigs collection with 2 products
Twigs 2 products 2  
Vide-Poche  collection with 6 products
Vide-Poche 6 products    
General Products

As an international designer, Anna Weatherley's career has included designing and manufacturing couture fashion, jewelry, home furnishings, and printed textiles. In the early 1990's she established a studio in Budapest, Hungary where she trained a group of highly talented painters to create her collection of hand-painted porcelain.


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